The Loan Process

Today’s loan process is much the same as it has been over recent decades. The typical process includes three parts:

Part 1: Pre-Approval

For Dan, the pre-approval is the most critical part of the process of buying a home. This is where you, your agent, and Dan will work closely together to complete your pre-approval of any future loan. Dan will ask for a variety of documents as to determine which loan is best for you and in which price range you will be approved for. He makes sure that your pre-approval is complete and strong so that when you get to the last part, finalizing the loan, escrow and closing, there is unlikely to be any reasons why the home you picked won't be yours.

Part 2: Finding Your Home

The second part, finding your home, is the most fun part of the process! In this you will continue to work with your agent to find the home you want.

Part 3: Escrow and Close

Lastly, once you’ve found your home, and a contract between you and the seller is complete Dan will rejoin the process. He will finalize the loan and you’ll enter into escrow. Escrow lengths vary depending on the type of loan. Thankfully, because of the work completed upfront by Dan and his team in the pre-approval stage there are rarely any difficulties in completing the loan and reaching the close.